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Low Voltage Switch Plates

Homes that were built before 1961 often relied on low voltage electrical systems that used different switch mechanisms. The type of switches that were used in these homes does not fit the majority of switch plates that are sold on the market today, as these older switches are rarely used.

However, there are still some households that find themselves in need of these older low voltage switch plates from time to time. In these situations it can be quite difficult to find a set of vintage switch plates that actually fit.

How can I find low voltage switch plates?

If you are searching for low voltage switch plates, you can either choose to go the traditional route and search for vintage plates or you can search for one or more specialized stores that design these older switch plates. Many people claim that they are difficult to find, but in reality there are certain switch plate designers who have recognized the demand (however small that demand might be) for low voltage switch plates.

You can purchase these and have your home outfitted with them without too much difficulty if you are willing to do the research and find these stores. The stores that sell these plates will often provide detailed instructions on how to determine exactly what switch plates you will need for your light switches. This information will correspond to the low voltage electricity system that was installed in your household prior to 1961, as there were several different systems used at the time.

Low Voltage Wood Switch Plate


Once you have determined the type of plates you will need, you can move on to making your order. Some stores will offer low voltage plates in a variety of different styles and material types, but you will usually find them to be plain models.

This is because most people searching for low voltage plates are looking for replacements and not artistic decoration. However, a minimalist approach to the design of low voltage plates is often utilized, and you might find several models that are particularly attractive.

Low Voltage Switch Plate Covers

Low Voltage Switch Plates Three Device White
Low Voltage Switch Plates Three Device

Low Voltage Switch Plates Three Device Metal
Low Voltage Switch Plates Three Device

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